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Dedicated to supporting and promoting integrative medicine practices

Our Mission

Healing Opportunities, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and promote integrative medicine by providing treatment, educational, and research opportunities for healthcare providers and healing arts practitioners within the Santa Barbara community.

We partner with local organizations such as Medical Reserve Corps and Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine to provide much needed care for disaster relief first responders and community members. Visit our Get Involved page to sign up and join the Healing Opportunities team in volunteering with Medical Reserve Corps and Doctors Without Walls.

Our research proposal for Cottage Hospital will provide acupuncture care to nursing staff to measure the effects of integrative medicine on stress management. See Our Impact page for more information about the Cottage Hospital pilot research program.



Collaborating with medical facilities and physicians in the community to integrate complementary medicine.



Creating and promoting educational programs that help raise awareness of the benefits of integrative medicine.


Treating first responders and community members by volunteering with local organizations.

Founded in 2001 in Santa Barbara California

Founded in 2001 in Santa Barbara, California

Our History

Healing Opportunities was first created in January 2001 by Joann Tall and Scott Blossom in order to serve the dire needs of caregivers in our community. Our program, which was funded entirely by donations, was called Compassionate Care for Caregivers and provided a multi-disciplinary program of integrative medical modalities offered in a variety of settings to help alleviate the stress and varied medical difficulties caregivers experienced. Settings included patients’ homes, clinics, and anywhere that suited our clients. These services were all free of charge and directly dealt with caregivers, patients’ staff, family or friends. Hospice, Visiting Nurses, Cottage Hospital, and the Santa Barbara Cancer Center are just a few places that received our services. In addition, we also offered our services as a bereavement program as well. Some of the modalities offered were: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, Massage, Tuina, etc.

The underlying concept was to provide loving medical care for the caregivers in our community; a group of professionals who are overworked, under cared for and in desperate need of care themselves. Our feedback was immediately and overwhelmingly positive. We couldn’t keep up with the demand; laughing and crying with joy became the norm of our days input for our daily log. This program ran for four years. The impact of caring for caregivers is immeasurable and the need is greater today than ever.  

To further our mission, we have spearheaded and promoted a variety of programs since our founding in 2001. See our Events page to learn more. 

Our continued efforts as a non profit will build upon our history, strengthening the Santa Barbara community through holistic healing and collaboration with other organizations.