Join us in giving back 

Whether you are a practitioner or a community member interested in integrative medicine, Healing Opportunities offers ways in which everyone can give back to the community. Join us in providing care to first responders and community members through the Medical Reserve Corps and Doctors Without Walls. Stay connected through our Facebook group to receive updates on volunteer events, local activities, and news about Healing Opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Medical Reserve Corps

Medical Reserve Corps coordinates the efforts of first responders in the event of a disaster. Through Healing Opportunities, you can volunteer to be a Disaster Relief Caregiver, providing care to first responders and community members with acupuncture-NADA protocol.

Volunteer with MRC: register on the California Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Site here.



Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine

Doctors Without Walls- Santa Barbara Street Medicine provides free, volunteer medical care to the most vulnerable members of communities in Santa Barbara County. Healing Opportunities is excited to work with DWW, coordinating volunteer acupuncturists to work alongside their staff at the Santa Barbara women’s clinic two fridays a month for three to four hours. Volunteers will work around four shifts a year, providing private and NADA acupuncture.