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Healing Opportunities, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to providing acupuncture where and when it is needed to assist in periods of transition, crisis and disaster relief. Through Compassionate Care for Caregivers, we support treatment and promotion of acupuncture as a component of functional medicine, to improve community health and the lives of those who provide care. With specific use of  NADA Ear Acupuncture Protocol, HO engages in outreach, treatment options, educational opportunities, and evolves health and healthcare practices through research. We are committed to improving health and well-being in the community of Santa Barbara County.



To promote health within Santa Barbara County by providing acupuncture treatment for community members, caregivers, and first responders, and advocating health by supporting educational and research opportunities for healthcare practitioners.


We are a resource for acupuncture treatment, care, and education, providing disaster relief for first responders and affected community members, care for caregivers, and information about acupuncture and positive effects of the NADA Protocol.

As a resource for practitioners, and health-care providers across healing modalities, we promote integration and information sharing.

To achieve our ultimate goal of reducing stress and trauma, we partner with service organizations in SB County. We offer Medical Reserve Corps and Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine, and other organizations opportunity to incorporate NADA Ear Acupuncture into their own organizational protocols of service.


Sharing published acupuncture research, and contributing to ongoing research through stress and trauma reduction data gathering during acupuncture treatment.


Creating and promoting educational programs that raise awareness to the benefits of acupuncture and elevate its presence, acceptance and integration into the health-care and healing model.


Providing compassionate Care for Caregivers through collaborative and partner programs; treating first responders, healthcare providers, and community members by volunteering with local organizations.


1st Responders

EMS teams, Firefighters, and Police.

Healthcare Providers

Physicians, Healthcare Practitioners, Nurses, Therapists, and Caregivers.


Organizations providing Medical Services, Community Assistance, Disaster Relief, Child and Family Wellness, Addiction Treatment, Life Transition, Cancer Support, and Bereavement.


Individuals in need, particularly those with limited or compromised access to resources.

Acupuncture Services Lovingly Provided for Caregivers (who need care too)


Founded in 2001 by Joann Tall and Scott Blossom, Healing Opportunities responded to what had emerged as a dire need for caregivers in our community, and took service to the homes of terminally ill patients, providing acupuncture care for patients and their caregivers. The signature program, Compassionate Care for Caregivers provided a multi-disciplinary application of functional medicine modalities, with services offered in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, Massage, Tuina, as well as practices for moving through bereavement, and more.

Practitioners worked in a variety of settings with the goal of alleviating stress and medical difficulties experienced by caregivers during, and because of the care they extend to others. Settings included patients’ homes, clinics, or a locale best-suited to the caregiver in need, where services were provided free of charge for caregivers, patients, staff, family and friends. A few organizations who benefitted from the service offerings of Healing Opportunities, were Hospice of Santa Barbara, Visiting Nurses of VNHC, Cottage Hospital, and the Santa Barbara Cancer Center, and more.

The fundamental concept of Compassionate Care for Caregivers, was just that – to provide loving medical care for the caregivers in our community; a group of individuals and professionals who are overworked, and are often in desperate need of care themselves due to their focus on the patient, family member or loved-one. Recipient feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and demand for our service affirmed the need, with daily log entries recording the emotional and physical benefits that improved overall well-being for those receiving care.

The positive impact of caring for caregivers is immeasurable and we recognize that the need is greater than ever, so we endeavor again to generate compassionate care within the realms of our current offerings at Healing Opportunities.

Our ongoing efforts as a non profit service organization will build upon our history, strengthening the Santa Barbara community through holistic healing and collaboration with other organizations.

“The fundamental concept of
Compassionate Care for Caregivers,
was just that – to provide loving medical care
for caregivers in our community;
individuals, and professionals who are often in
desperate need of care themselves.”