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Healing Opportunities is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating NADA ear acupuncture where and when it is needed to assist in periods of transition, crisis and disaster relief, to reduce the negative effects of stress and trauma. We focus on the often underserved population of caregivers, from health care providers to non-profit workers.

The fundamental concept of our Care for Caregivers program is to provide loving care for the caregivers in our community; a group of individuals and professionals who are over worked and in need of care themselves due to their focus on the patient, family member or the local community they serve.


To promote health within Santa Barbara County by facilitating NADA ear acupuncture treatment to reduce the negative effects of stress and trauma for care givers, first responders, healthcare professionals, and community members in need.


The NADA ear acupuncture protocol is a non-verbal approach to healing.

NADA involves the gentle placement of up to five small, sterilized disposable needles, tacks, magnets or seeds into specific sites on each ear.

NADA can easily be established in any location where a group of people can sit together.


We promote educational programs that raise awareness of the benefits of NADA ear acupuncture for stress and trauma.

We strive to elevate access and further integration of acupuncture into our community health-care and healing model.

Please contact us to partner in educational opportunities such as health fairs, community lectures or board retreats.

Acupuncture Services Lovingly Provided for Caregivers (who need care too)

“The fundamental concept of Compassionate Care for Caregivers, was just that – to provide loving medical care for caregivers in our community; individuals, and professionals who are often in desperate need of care themselves.”