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Sundays In Service


Romi Cumes LMFT, CMT is a leading professional in somatic and relational psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga instruction, and intuitive healing.

She has been committed to mindfulness and movement-based studies for over twenty years and created Transformative Healing Arts in 2006.

Romi supports people to explore the profound relationships between somatic (body-centered) awareness, inner-healing and personal growth. She integrates clinical knowledge with wisdom and intuition to foster greater transformation and healing for her clients.

Transformative Healing Arts is based out of Santa Barbara, California.

Mark your 2022 calendar for
Quarterly Sundays in Service offerings:

 January 10 Kelsey Berreckman Meditation & Holistic Health Guide
 April 9 Aparna Ishuari Ayurvedic Practitioner
 July 11 Minette Riordan Ph.D. Creativity Coach
 October 9 Guest Practitioner Sound Healing


There are many ways to get involved with our organization to support caregivers, first responders, healthcare professionals, nonprofit personnel, and community members.

If any of the following options resonate with you or someone you know, please CONTACT US, to discuss how we can best serve you.

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  • Bring acupuncture and other integrative practices to your work or organization (Referrals are great. Let us know of any organization that needs our services!)
  • Become a volunteer at the Doctor’s Without Walls Women’s Clinic (Female practitioners only)
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  • Connect with other integrative medicine practitioners and showcase your unique skills
  • Register with the Medical Reserves Corp so you have the option to assist when disaster strikes (All practitioners)