Healing Opportunities organizes and hosts a number of events throughout the year, both in-person and virtually.

We engage in program and outreach events to share our mission and to raise funds and awareness for our work to reduce stress and improve health

in the community.



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November 1st -
Dia de los Muertos / Giovanni Giving Fest

Join us for our ANNUAL FUNDRAISER – Dia de los Muertos on Tuesday, November 1st!

— the launch of Healing Opportunities’ Annual Fundraising Campaign – The Giovanni Giving Fest!

Healing Opportunities invites you to celebrate and honor those who have passed on from this world.

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October 24th -
National Acupuncture Day

National Acupuncture Day is observed on Monday October 24th.

Join Healing Opportunities next year on National Acupuncture Day as we facilitate complimentary ear acupuncture treatment, and support events throughout the week for NADA ear acupuncture awareness week.

October 9th -
Sundays in Service
with David Kennet

Thank you for joining us at our final 2022 Sundays in Service – on October 9th.

David Kennet shared a fun and simple, yet powerful sound therapy session with us (that included the use of one’s own voice) to reveal how sacred sound can amplify your intentions and address the negative subconscious.

David’s session concluded with a relaxing sound journey and meditation. You can view and listen to his sound mediation on Our Impact page.



Outreach This Summer

  • Bring acupuncture and other integrative practices to your work or organization (Referrals are great. Let us know about any organization that may need our services.)
  • Female Practitioners: Become a volunteer at the Doctor’s Without Walls Women’s Clinic (Female practitioners only).
  • Join us as an active member of one of our Event Committees. – Contact us for information or questions.
  • Support our Mission – DONATE
  • Bring stress-reducing acupuncture and other integrative practices to your event or gathering.
  • All Practitioners: Connect with other integrative medicine practitioners and showcase your unique skills.
  • Register with the Medical Reserves Corp so you have the option to assist when disaster strikes.
  • Talk with us about positions on our Board of Directors, or Advisory Board.

We are a service organization and a resource for acupuncture.
We foster access to the benefits of acupuncture through our NADA Ear Acupuncture Program.