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Sundays In Service


Movement offering

The intent of this offering is to move our bodies to feel good, open our hearts, and invigorate our spirit.

This practice will also help improve brain function and bring us better balance, posture, and strength.

There is no experience necessary. Just receptivity as we will be moving together, in joy, to bring us back into our bodies and out of our heads.

Leslie Sack

Leslie started dancing when she was six years old, and she has yet to stop. For 25 years, she has been a certified ballroom and social dance instructor. She has owned her own studio for the past 12 years, helping thousands of people to move with ease, grace, rhythm, and poise.

In addition to her ballroom dance certification, Leslie has 20 years of experience in ballet and modern dance, and 30 years as an aerobic instructor. She also has a degree in English, and certification as a posture alignment specialist, life coach, Reiki Master, Qi Gong, and Laughter Yoga teacher. All of these experiences have made her into a unique, loving, patient, and masterful teacher of dance and movement.

For Leslie, dance is her way to help people improve their life in a soulful way. She feels it is also the best way to give back.

Mark your calendar for our quarterly Sundays in Service offerings:

January 10 – Linda Nurra Bach flower remedies
April 11 – Siddhi: Kundalini Yoga
July 11 – Leslie Sack: Neuro Movement
October 10 – Romi Cumes: Somatic Psychotherapy

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