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Healing Opportunities organizes and hosts a number of events throughout the year, both in-person and virtually.

We engage in program and outreach events to share our mission and to raise funds and awareness for our work to reduce stress and improve health

in the community.



Sundays in Service - January 22

With Dr. Jonnie Williams, PsyD

Please Join us on Zoom for our the first Sundays in Service offering of 2023

Our featured Guest Practitioner, Dr. Jonnie Williams, PsyD, will guide you in a 5-senses nature meditation:

Healing Through Nature: A mindful meditation to calm the nervous system.

As spiritual beings living a human experience, we have the power to balance our nervous system through mindful connection with nature. When situations or events occur that are contrary to our sensibilities, our nervous system responds, and we experience varying degrees of stress. This presentation will provide an overview of mindfulness for calming, or de-escalating the nervous-system.

Participants will be led in a guided 5-senses nature meditation. Following the presentation, attendees will receive a reflective journal to continue their healing journey and strengthen their somatic connection with nature.

Dr. Jonnie Williams is a licensed clinical psychologist, trauma specialist, prevention research scientist, evaluator, and systems-change strategist. As a trauma specialist, she provides evidence-based treatment to child and adult populations, and designs service systems that promote mental health, well-being, and equity for children and families. Dr. Williams received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2016 from the Wright Institute (Berkeley, CA). She is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, and is a recognized Indigenous community leader. She was honored as a recipient of the prestigious “Native American 40 Under 40” award, for her leadership, initiative, and dedication in making significant advancements in her community. She is the founder and principal of Evolve Equity. The mission of Evolve Equity is to advance health equity, racial justice, and systems change through indigenous feminist worldview and science-based practices for groups that have been historically, socially, and economically marginalized. Services include training, evaluation and consultation. 

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Trivia Night - January 25
Supporting Healing Opportunities

Join us for TRIVIA NIGHT – Wednesday, January 25th!

Come and enjoy a fun evening supporting Healing Opportunities at Trivia Night. Presented by Boone Graphics with SB Biergarten, who have partnered to produce a brand new Trivia Night for a good cause. Come and support Healing Opportunities Wednesday January 25th at SB Biergarten: 11 Anacapa Street.

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Thank you for GIVING

To Honor Commitment & Legacy

Giving to Honor Commitment

Our year-end giving campaign, the Giovanni Giving Fest, honors Giovanni Maciocia, who’s life work made possible the integration and accessibility of acupuncture to the West. His commitment to acupuncture advocacy informs the work we do today. He was a highly respected author, lecturer and practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, who was an ally and supporter of Healing Opportunities and our mission.

Giving to Honor Legacy

We honor a legacy of care for others exemplified in the generous gifts of our colleague and friend Rachil B. Vincent. She created our Love is in the Ear outreach program, to bring relief to community through free acupuncture pop-up clinics and outreach – personally giving of her time and skill. Her generosity and kindness touched a vast number of people, and her care leaves a lasting impact.

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Dia de los Muertos!

Thank you for supporting our  ANNUAL FUNDRAISER – Dia de los Muertos on Tuesday, November 1st!

We enjoyed a beautiful gathering to honor our loved ones who have passed on. We raised funds (and friends) in support of our mission, so it was a great kickoff to our Annual Fundraising Campaign: The Giovanni Giving Fest!

We are grateful to all who made it possible!

More Events in 2023!

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events in 2023

Sundays in Service – occurring Quarterly, in January / April / July / October
Chinese New Year Observance – Year of the Rabbit – TBA
Intention Setting Tea Ceremony – Fall 2023


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Winter Outreach 2022

Summer Outreach 2022

  • Bring acupuncture and other integrative practices to your work or organization (Referrals are great. Let us know about any organization that may need our services.)
  • Female Practitioners: Become a volunteer at the Doctor’s Without Walls Women’s Clinic (Female practitioners only).
  • Join us as an active member of one of our Event Committees. – Contact us for information or questions.
  • Support our Mission – DONATE
  • Bring stress-reducing acupuncture and other integrative practices to your event or gathering.
  • All Practitioners: Connect with other integrative medicine practitioners and showcase your unique skills.
  • Register with the Medical Reserves Corp so you have the option to assist when disaster strikes.
  • Talk with us about positions on our Board of Directors, or Advisory Board.

We are a service organization and a resource for acupuncture.
We foster access to the benefits of acupuncture through our NADA Ear Acupuncture Program.