Supporting Opportunities to
Enhance Well-Being For All

Care for Caregivers (CFC)

The signature program of Healing Opportunities, Care for Caregivers, provides NADA acupuncture to treat physical and emotional stress, and to manage and mitigate the risks of long-term stress for the often under-served population who takes care of others; our caregivers.

By providing loving medical care for the caregivers in our community, we strive to improve community health by responding to a group of individuals and professionals who are overworked, and are often in desperate need of care themselves. The positive impact of caring for caregivers is immeasurable and we are committed to making acupuncture accessible to this vital and important population in our community, so they can perform at their best.

The positive impact of caring for caregivers is immeasurable, and we are committed to making acupuncture treatment accessible for such care.

Response Care for 1st Responders

Our 1st Responders Program provides complete support to those who have experienced trauma, illness, injury, or loss during disaster or times of urgent need.

Our Firefighters, Police, EMS Teams, EOC Teams, Police, Clergy and All Emergency Personnel are indispensable to the safety of our communities.

The important role first responders have in protecting and serving our communities is undoubtedly critical, and we are committed to supporting members of our public safety agencies, so they are best prepared to act, and to succeed in their respective roles. 

Outreach Care for Our Community

Healing Opportunities is sensitive and responsive to the most vulnerable people in our community.

We provide outreach to disenfranchised persons through collaborations and partnering with facilities such as Transition House, DWW-Women’s Free Homeless Clinic to create visible access to our services.

We offer NADA Ear Acupuncture at a number of locations, free of charge to ease stress and trauma associated with challenges inherent with life on the street, compromised living, and unexpected, short or long term transition.